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We custom build bikes to your needs. Or sell you the parts to build or customize your own bike. If you need a custom part made we can do that in our full service machine shop. We have some of the lowest prices around. We now have our own line of parts in production. Dealer inquiries welcome. We also have our powersports division, including marine parts, service and sales. Now offering Dyno Tuning with DynoJet.

American Iron Machining

In order to provide our customers with complete solutions for their engineering and production needs, we are pleased to offer in-house precision CNC machine shop services. Our state-of-the-art equipment can be put to work for you to build prototypes or production runs of all types of materials.

We have 22 years experience in a ?Job Shop? atmosphere. With a wide variety of machining capabilities, including Mills, Lathes, Grinders, Drill presses and Welding.

We are experienced in machining new and specialty machine parts such as weldments, fixtures and tooling plates. We also have experience in repair work.

Our machining capabilities include:

- Bridgeport mill work

- Engine lathe work up to 14 diameter and 60 between centers

- 3 axis CNC mill work 20 by 32 travels

- CNC lathe work up to 8 diameter and 20 between centers

- Mig Tig and Stick welding

- Vinyl cutter plotter

At American Iron Machining, we are committed to providing high quality machined parts, built to your specifications, delivered when and where you need them, at a fair price. It is our desire to build a relationship with your company that will last for many years to come. Whether small quantity or large production volume orders, your order will be given the attention and priority you deserve.

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